In Celebration of

Diana Mary "Diana" Branley

16 June 1937 -  02 February 2018

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Diana Mary Branley who passed away peacefully on 2 February 2018


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Sarah Bracken (Daughter)

Written on 08 February 2018 from Wanstead

We love you so much Mum. Your physical absence in our lives has left a huge, irreplaceable gap which won't ever be filled again. But the memories are strong! Thank goodness!

It was my privilege to be with you and to care for you this last year and such a joy to see your sparkly, mischievous eyes shining through, and your unfailing determination to kick everything that faced you in the butt, in spite of everything you went through. I miss your hugs, your love, your optimism for life, your unfailing support of everything I did, our daily chats about everything that was important to us and your love for your "hound", James Henry (which I know he still has). He adores you and is wondering where his beloved Granny is but he says you're on a special plane going to see your Mummy and Daddy. And laughs at me when I do my "silly, sad face." My heart breaks that he couldn't spend more years with you, nor you him, but know his love for you is strong and he talks about you every day.

I'm so proud of you Mum and the day I wheeled you into The Eagle on 14th Jan this year was my best yet. It hurts beyond belief that you were so suddenly whisked away from us when you were recovering well and living life after the impossible year you'd had - we had our old Mum and Granny back again! Hoorah! What a blessing and a wonderful gift! It was the most exciting and happy time of my life. Life can be inexplicably cruel. I don't quite know how to 'do life' without you in it, as you were such a huge part of our daily lives.

But onwards we must go to honour your memory and the resolutely strong, determined, no-nonsense, positive and boundlessly kind and thoughtful person that you were. I know you wouldn't have it any other way.

Love you always Mum.

Love Sarah, Dan and your forever little hound, James Henry xxxxx

Jim Branley (Brother in law)

Written on 15 April 2018 from Sligo,Ireland

Hello Owen and family,
Marian and Jim are sorry to hear of your great loss of a lovely woman.It was nice to have seen her in september and spend some time with her,again our sincere sympathies to Owen and family.
Love from Jim and Marian


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